Development of the common earth observation data Baltic platform for national governmental organizations (EO-BALP)

"Baltic Satellite Service" Ltd. together with other partners from Latvia (Rural Support Service and Institute of Electronics and Computer Sciences), Lithuania (University of Klaipėda) and Estonia (SC "Datel") on October 27, 2023 have signed an agreement with the European Space Agency nr. 4000142702/23/I-NB on the development of the common earth observation data Baltic platform for government organizations (EO Baltic Platform for Governmental Services (EO-BALP)). The project activities and detailed planning of the tasks have already started and the kick-off meeting will be held on November 20, 2023. The duration of the project is 18 months and the total budget is EUR 897 740,00.

The goal of the EO-BALP project is to develop a cloud service platform for earth observation data access and processing and provide six different applications that will demonstrate the practical use of satellite data in different domains:

1)      Monitoring application of infrastructure and settlements with more than 60,000 inhabitants, which will help to detect and characterize ground movements from satellite data, and to identify dangerous places in infrastructure protection zones;

2)      A water quality monitoring application that will help determine water quality and pollution, as well as pollution sources in the Baltic Sea, coastal waters and inland waters;

3)      A forest change monitoring application, which will help to regularly detect clear-cuts and wind falls, as well as forest damage caused by diseases, pests, fires, water, etc.) and will provide the latest satellite data mosaic service in all Baltic countries;

4)      An agricultural land monitoring application that will help identify wildfires and flooded agriculture field areas;

5)      Natural resource extraction monitoring application that will help identify illegal resource extraction sites (wood, sand, gravel, etc. mineral resources);

6)      A marine monitoring application that will help identify ships, their type, location and movement.

Project materials